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This is beyond silly, and PG-13 past the cut. You've been warned.

And, in particular, Strip Settlers. It makes articles of clothing an acceptable resource choice: "I'll trade you a brick, an ore, and my sweater for a wheat and a sheep."

Sometimes things just capture my imagination.

Now, some amusing elements come to mind immediately -- playing a pants Monopoly, for instance. But then I started thinking about the use of the Robber token (and Soldier cards in general.) There are two ways I can see that working:

Offense Strong: If someone places a robber token on a relevant number, they can demand an article of clothing of the target's choice in lieu of a card resource. [1]
Defense: If the robber token is placed on a relevant number, the target may choose to remove an article of clothing in place of the random card draw. (This means that someone particularly brazen could stave off a persistent opponent for quite a while. Not that I know anyone like that.)

1: Paired articles (socks, shoes, gloves) count as one item.
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