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This is beyond silly, and PG-13 past the cut. You've been warned.

And, in particular, Strip Settlers. It makes articles of clothing an acceptable resource choice: "I'll trade you a brick, an ore, and my sweater for a wheat and a sheep."

Sometimes things just capture my imagination.

Now, some amusing elements come to mind immediately -- playing a pants Monopoly, for instance. But then I started thinking about the use of the Robber token (and Soldier cards in general.) There are two ways I can see that working:

Offense Strong: If someone places a robber token on a relevant number, they can demand an article of clothing of the target's choice in lieu of a card resource. [1]
Defense: If the robber token is placed on a relevant number, the target may choose to remove an article of clothing in place of the random card draw. (This means that someone particularly brazen could stave off a persistent opponent for quite a while. Not that I know anyone like that.)

1: Paired articles (socks, shoes, gloves) count as one item.
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I like how making it part of trading makes it always optional. Based on that, I'd lean toward the defense option.

It would also be interesting if the clothes stayed in the game. "I'll give you 2 rocks for my sweater back." "I'll give you 3 rocks to give me the sweater instead!"
Heh. Now that would be an Adults Only games day...
And hopefully the group playing won't be all guys... *shudder* :)
throw drinking shots into the game and you have a full fledged party going on. i love it! too bad i only play catan with girls and a gay guy...